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It has recently come to my attention that some pictures of me floating around the internet have caused some people a modicum of confusion. Imagine that, confusion and misinformation on the internet! I know that I believe EVERYTHING I read here. (sighs)

It would seem that these pictures been incorrectly attributed to Raven Kaldera, as has one of the blogs to which the photos have been attached. As far as I know, Raven does not keep a blog. Here are some pictures of me to spark new ridiculous rumors. Some were taken by Wintersong Tashin, some were not.

The pictures from the photo shoot in question were taken by Wintersong Tashlin, who can be found here: not by Raven Kaldera who can be found here: The needlework here is also the excellently skilled work of Wintersong Tashlin. The land we are on does, in fact, belong partially to Raven Kaldera, so I suppose that may lead to confusion.

There are similarities between Raven and Wintersong, so again, I suppose some confusion is understandable. I would expect that one would check one's facts before making statements about someone in a public forum, but I am frequently told I expect far too much from people. Raven and Wintersong are both people with Tourette's Syndrome, a disorder that can cause both verbal and physical tics. Raven and Wintersong are both people who are known by the title Shaman. Raven and Wintersong are both polyamorous. There are a number of other similarities, but I promise you, they are not even vaguely the same person.

This leaves us with the last two pieces of this nonsense that I wish to discuss. I am not now, nor have I ever been retarded. If you really want to go there, I am likely to have a higher I.Q. than you do. I do not have much respect for measuring someone's intelligence by such a flawed method of testing as the Stanford-Binet I.Q. test, but I am aware that many people do not share my distaste for it. By this arguably meaningless system, I test in the genius level range. I am not a genius, a word I consider to be almost completely semantically null, but I am certainly not retarded.

I do respect that it is impossible to measure someone's mental acuity by looking at a picture, and that it may certainly be possible to confuse ecstasy (religious or endorphin induced) for mental retardation.

I do not own the house that I live in currently, but then many people I know do not own their own property, that does not make us homeless. I live in a nice little house in a snotty, but nice little town in southern Massachusetts. I grew up here.

When you put all of this actual information as opposed to meaningless conjecture together, one can find the truth of the matter fairly easily.

The pictures of me can in no way, shape or form be used to prop up a tired piece of libelous noise such as: "Raven Kaldera tortures homeless retards." If you feel a need to contact me, please feel free to do so at